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NV-168A  BIO skin drainer face lifting beauty machine by NOVA  

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This unit is a new designed Facial and Body Contour Lifting beauty equipment. It sends low frequency micro currents to stimulate muscle tissues underneath the skin. The skin tone of the face improves proportionately as the muscles are exercised and tightened, and restores the skins natural elasticity and texture.


1. Functions :

Skin Drainer has five different functions.

Ions Exchange

Positive (+): Acid reaction (HCI) , has a function of assuagement and astringing.

Advantage: Suitable for sensitive skin, has a function of vitalizing, face toning and metabolizing.

Negative (-): alkaline reaction (NaOH) , irritating. 

Advantage: Suitable for oily skin, normal skin and sagging skin. Also can cleanse pores, balance and reduce edema.

Infrared Rays (Thermal Infiltration) 

Have a feeling of blending blood and cell molecule. Through rhythmically massage, cells would release oxygen to dissolve ATP and stimulate body circulation, activate the cells and accelerate excretion of heavy metals.


Wave massage can cause effects of cell storming. It helps to cleanse out wastes and toxins. It also has the following functions:

  • Blending
  • Penetration
  • Decomposition
  • Pain reduction
  • Stabilization

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