Biotest© Finibar™ Competition Bar 12 bars


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The Protein/Energy Bar for Elite Athletes

  • Fuels the toughest workouts and competitions*
  • Provides sustained high-level energy*
  • Protects against muscle damage*
  • Improves metabolism*
  • Promotes fat burning*
  • Supports a muscular pump*
  • Soothes the digestive system*

High-Performance Nutrition For...

  • Lifters
  • Team sport athletes
  • Combat athletes
  • Runners
  • Obstacle racers
  • CrossFit athletes
  • Military personal

A New Kind of Bar

Finibar represents an entirely new category of food bar. It's not just a protein bar that's meant to be eaten as a snack between meals. And it's not just an "energy bar" that momentarily gives you a sugar boost by shooting insulin levels through the roof.

Instead, Finibar is meant to be eaten prior to competition or working out so that you can perform at maximum capacity for a sustained period.*

Tested and Used by Elite Athletes

Finibar was originally made exclusively for competitive cyclists and not sold to the general public.* But the bars were soon adopted by weight lifters and high-level athletes, including players in the NFL who use them for training camps and before and during games.*

Bodybuilders, ultra-marathon runners, and every type of competitor in between will perform at a higher level when fueled up on Finibar.*

Functional Proteins and Carbs

Most bars on the market are full of dysfunction proteins like soy and packed with cheap, sugary carbs. Not Finibar. Biotest only uses high quality, functional proteins and carbs to give athletes these benefits:*

  • High-level energy and anti-catabolic protection for the most intense physical activities.*
  • Superhydration. Finibar helps pull water into muscle (when consumed with fluids) for a superhydration effect, which is critical for supporting and sustaining increased high-level performance.*
  • Easy digestion. Finibar soothes the digestive tract during intense, prolonged competition and training.*

The Magic of Isomaltulose

Isomaltulose is the primary functional carbohydrate in Finibar. It's derived from beet sugar, but the molecules have been enzymatically rearranged to create a carbohydrate that's fully digested and fully absorbed — but much, much slower than traditional, non-functional carbs.* That's how the Finibar sustains energy for competition or training for extended periods of time.*

Likewise, isomaltulose induces a very low blood sugar response.* As such, the body releases a very small amount of insulin, which prompts the body to burn stored fat for energy production.*

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