Salerm© Peroxide Cream Oxidant 30 Volume 9% 8.1oz

Salerm© Peroxide Cream Oxidant 30 Volume 9% 8.1oz


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Salerm Cream Developer - Peroxide Oxidant

Specific color developers in 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume strengths to cover all your hair color requirements. 

CREAM DEVELOPER can be used both for coloring and lightening and comes in four strengths to cover all the professional’s technical needs. It provides extraordinary shine, the result of the hair fiber’s good condition after the hair color application process is completed. The first effect of the cream developer is to provide the necessary source of active oxygen to develop the hair color within the hair strand.

Thanks to its conditioning components, the hair is protected throughout the entire color or lightening process, preventing the hair from drying out or dullness. The hair is left glossy and the newly applied color vibrant and lively.

The cream developer is formulated with an exclusive blend of waxes which offer better protection during hair color application.


A base of vanilla and spices. Fruity middle notes like banana and a cucumber top note. 


Mix in a non-metallic bowl in a ratio of one part color to one part Aloe Vera Cream Developer. 20 (6%), 30 (9%) or 40 (12%) should be used depending on the desired results.

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