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    Berberine HCL Natural Diabetes Management 120 Vegetarian Capsules

    This herbal supplement may help to regulate blood sugar if you have diabetes.   May also help to burn fat and maintain weight loss.  Berberine HCL could also help to reduce the symptoms of PMS along with other feminine-health needs. Do you have days when you feel like you can't control your stress levels? May assist in lowering blood pressure and could help relieve anxiety. Helps to keep you functioning at your best all day long as a diabetes supplement and more for overall health. This berberine supplement is a powerful combination for long-lasting relief.

    IMPROVE YOUR BODY'S DEFENSES: This herbal berberine supplement may assist in keeping blood sugar regulated as a diabetes supplement.  Could reduce the symptoms of diabetes and improve your day-to-day functions.  As a dietary aid for women, this product may reduce symptoms of PMS and anxiety.  When taken regularly this product could help you feel well all day long, help maintain stamina and proper body functioning.

    WHAT’S INSIDE:  Reducing daily stress is not easy. Inside you will find a that we have created a potent blend of berberine, HCL, Curcumin and Bayberry root.  Curcumin and Bayberry Root offer good immune support to prevent colds and flu.  Berberine and HCL, compliment these and could increase stamina.  

    HOW TO USE:  Take 1 to 2 capsules in the morning or evening as recommended by your healthcare provider. Take with water or juice as per your taste.  Also may work well before meals to help promote a feeling of fullness to assist with weight-loss or maintenance.

    INGREDIENTS: Berberine HCL, Bayberry Root Extract, Curcumin

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