Salerm© Beard And Hair Wax 3.6oz

Salerm© Beard And Hair Wax 3.6oz


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Light hold and medium shine to show off your style

Long lasting hair wax

Hair and Beard Wax is a soluble, light hold wax with medium shine to help you control your hairstyle. The versatility of its formula makes it ideal for both beards and mustaches as well as hair.

Thanks to its aqueous base and creamy feel it’s easy to apply and long-lasting but can be removed easily with water without leaving any residue.

Can be reactivated or re-worked by adding a touch of water or using wet hands to shape.


Rub a small amount between your palms then apply evenly to beard and/or mustache and hair. Apply to dry hair for longer hold that can be reactivated with water throughout the day.

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