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Super-Concentrated DHA / EPA, Molecularly Distilled

The most potent fatty-acid blend*
Molecularly distilled*
Pharmaceutical grade*
DHA / EPA re-esterified triglycerides*


Flameout: Beyond Fish Oil

Flameout® Inflammation Scavenger contains the most potent and purest forms available of DHA and EPA re-esterified triglycerides.* These Omega-3 fatty acids are super concentrated from fish oil that is purified by molecular distillation and stringently tested for PCBs, dioxins, mercury, and other heavy-metal contaminates.* The ratio between DHA and EPA is 2.50:1.00.* The ratio between CLA t10,c12 and CLA c9,t11 is 1.50:1.00.*

  • Contains the purest fatty acids available – DHA and EPA (re-esterified triglycerides) that are highly concentrated. You'd have to double or triple the dosage of similar products to even come close to one serving of Flameout.*
  • Purified by molecular distillation and stringently tested for PCBs, dioxins, mercury, and other heavy-metal contaminants.*
  • Due the unique self-emulsifying delivery system, Flameout softgels are better absorbed and virtually odorless. No fishy aftertaste or "fish burps."*
  • Blended with high amounts of both functional isomers of the fatty acid CLA.*

The Inflammation Epidemic

A shocking number of chronic ailments are caused by inflammation. Think you're immune? Have you ever experienced tendonitis? That's simply chronic inflammation.

How about muscle soreness? Training damages muscle. Muscles get inflamed. Inflammation promotes more damage. The more damage, the more inflammation. It's a vicious, inflamed cycle, and how are muscles supposed to grow optimally if they're constantly inflamed? They can't.

The fact is, America is in the midst of an inflammation epidemic. Ask a hundred doctors or scientists about the causes of heart disease and the one thing they'll agree on is that it's a disease of inflammation. Much of the problem can be traced to our diets.

Direct Link to Diet

Humans originally consumed a natural diet of 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, because of extreme food processing, raising cattle on corn instead of grass, and avoidance of fish in the diet, the modern ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is more like 20 or 30 to 1. That's a recipe for disaster.

The problem lies with these primitive, rudimentary hormones called eicosanoids. These hormones are involved in pretty much everything our body does and if we ingest a lot of omega-6 fatty acids, we get eicosanoids made from omega-6s. Trouble is, omega-6 eicosanoids are pro-inflammatory.

As such, simply shifting the diet towards omega-3's and taking a fatty acid supplement can do remarkable things for your health and performance.

Most Fish Oils Are Made Only for Women

Fatty acid supplements typically contain more EPA than DHA. Why? Because fish naturally contain more EPA than DHA. That's fine for females because the biosynthesis of DHA is a lot higher in women than it is in men.*

The problem is that men have a much higher risk of heart disease. Men also have lower amounts of DHA – despite eating the same amount of fatty acids as women – but they have a higher incidence of heart attack. As such, men need more DHA than women.*

DHA, in addition to having a anti-arrhythmic effect, reduces blood pressure and according to at least one study, even increases HDL (the good cholesterol) by 29% while EPA reduces it by 6.7%.*

Flameout contains a much higher amount of DHA than EPA:*

DHA: 2,200 mg
EPA: 880 mg

So while Flameout is a great choice for women, unlike other fatty acid supplements it doesn't ignore the needs of men and leave them under-dosed.*

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Since Flameout was designed to fight inflammation – inflammation in the heart, lungs, tendons, muscles, and more – rather than just use DHA and EPA, we included another fatty acid that's a very potent anti-inflammatory agent all on its own.*

Studies show that CLA reduces prostaglandin release through the inhibition of COX-2. CLA has been shown to be a potent COX-2 inhibitor, much like the potent drugs doctors use to fight arthritis without the deleterious side effects.*

The addition of CLA further boosts Flameout's ability to fight inflammation.*

Body Composition Effects

Omega-3s burn body fat in three different ways:*

  1. They allow the body to burn fat in situations where fat burning is turned off, such as after a high-carb meal or after high-intensity exercise, where the body preferentially burns glycogen.*
  2. High amounts of omega-3s increase insulin sensitivity. If your body is sensitive to insulin, less insulin is produced after a meal, which means less fat is stored. Similarly, if the body is sensitive to insulin, and the hormone is properly managed, more stored fat is released and incinerated each day.
  3. Omega-3s increase the heat of your cellular "furnaces," which are otherwise known as the mitochondria and the peroxisomes. Omega-3s make these organelles burn more and more energy, thus turning you into a fat-burning machine.

Lastly, there's also evidence that omega-3s might also increase the amount of leptin produced by the body. High leptin means decreased hunger and an increased metabolic rate.*

Flameout Recap

Here are the potential benefits of Flameout use:

    • Decreases natural systemic inflammation*
    • Supports cardiovascular health*
    • Decreases muscle soreness and pain from exercise*
    • Boosts metabolic rate burning more fat*
    • Imporves carbohydrate management*
    • Boosts mood and promotes feelings of well-being*
    • Supports lean mass and muscle gains*
    • Switches the body to prefer burning fat over glycogen*
    • Increases leptin decreasing appetite and cravings*
    • Boosts cellular (mitochondrial) energy consumption*

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