Biotest© GPC Fast-Acting Shot 125ml

Biotest© GPC Fast-Acting Shot 125ml


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Driving a bench press PR into lockout... powering a bone-crushing squat out of the hole... smashing through sticking points like they don't exist...

Those experiences occur, but never often enough. And, although very gratifying, improvements in training never seem to come fast enough. We want gains and we want them now – and we want something more every time we go into the gym!

You may not ever be totally satisfied with the rate of your progress, but you'd be a whole lot happier if you mastered a key component to weight-training success – explosive force!

The "thing" we're talking about is a compound called alpha-GPC (alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine). And TMUSCLE's chief scientist, Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss, actually proved these findings in a study that'll be published within the year.

Not only that, Tim Patterson and Dr. Z have been experimenting with alpha-GPC on several of TMUSCLE's elite-level bodybuilders.

Dr. Ziegenfuss recruited experienced weight trainers and set out to test the effects of alpha-GPC on GH levels and explosive force, using a randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over design.

We can't get into the precise protocol before the study is officially published, but we can tell you the highlights.

By increasing acetylcholine concentrations, Alpha-GPC increases the number of cross bridges formed by actin and myosin – more cross bridges equals more peak force.

ALPHA-GPC directly increases the recruitment of high-threshold motor units (fast-twitch fibers).

Either way, it really doesn't matter. Alpha-GPC quickly makes athletes more powerful and much more resistant to fatigue.

And being able to recruit more fast-twitch fibers, repeatedly, set after set after set, you'll build muscle and gain strength at a faster rate.

But let's not forget about the other powerful effect of alpha-GPC, which might lead to even greater muscle growth. I'm talking about doubling GH, of course.

Such a profound increase in GH levels – every time you train – can have a significant effect on fat loss, not to mention hypertrophy.

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