Biotest© Indigo-3G® 90 SoftGels


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Indigo-3G® cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G) is a naturally occurring anthocyanin (flavonoid) with many researched-backed benefits for leanness and health. C3G shrinks fat cells and limits fat storage while increasing and enhancing calorie-burning brown adipose tissue.* C3G profoundly enhances glucose uptake in muscle fibers instead of being stored as fat.* It even mimics the life-extension effects seen in calorie-restricted diets.* All of these effects and many more make C3G an essential supplement.

  • Releases and burns fat.*
  • Prevents fat storage and shrinks fat cells.*
  • Maximizes muscle nutrient uptake for faster gains.*
  • Changes the way your body handles carbs.*
  • Allows you to consume more calories and carbs without fat gain.*
  • Makes it easy to lose body fat without obsessive dieting.*
  • Increases work capacity in the gym or in your sport.*

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