Biotest© Intensified™ Flavors 100 ml

Biotest© Intensified™ Flavors 100 ml


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Intensified™ Liquid Flavors

Intensified Liquid Flavors are custom made for our workout nutrition formulas Plazma and Mag-10. Intensified Liquid Flavors are far superior to dry powder flavors and provide the greatest taste experience:

  • Mixes instantly and effortlessly (no grit or residue).
  • Highly concentrated. Just 1/2 to 1 teaspoon will add clean, bright flavor to 2000 ml (about 68 fl oz).
  • Makes any workout drink taste incredible.
  • Add to protein shakes for flavor variety.
  • Add just a few drops to a glass of water for a tasty way to increase fluid intake. Turn plain water into whatever you want it to be, like lemonade.
  • Add two to three drops to club soda or sparking water for a delicious, light soft drink.
  • Add a drop or two to foods like yogurt and cream cheese to add tons of flavor without adding calories.

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