Biotest© Mag-10®


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How your body utilizes protein can have a powerful impact on how fast you gain muscle mass. Simply put, the greater the body's response to protein utilization, the greater the muscle gains achieved.

For protein pulsing to be effective, you have to achieve three or four sizeable amino-acid spikes per day, and allow the body's amino-acid levels to return to baseline after each spike. In order to do that, you have to utilize a super-fast acting protein formulation that's designed specifically for maximum pulsing effect.

The protein in Mag-10® is comprised of a unique di- and tripeptide complex that's transported – unaltered, requiring no further breakdown – directly into the bloodstream. And the particular di-/tripeptide mixture found in Mag-10 produces effects in muscle that go far beyond simple amino acids from other protein sources.
Additionally, Mag-10® also contains a special carbohydrate mixture that, in addition to increasing metabolic rate, drives supraphysiologic levels of these di- and tripeptides, as well as other vital nutrients, into the muscle cell.

And best of all, the increased rate of recovery and gains you'll experience from Mag-10® pulses will be nothing less than shocking. So, don't hold back in the gym, and go ahead and train your heart out. You'll completely recover, grow, and be ready for more the next day.

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