Biotest© Micro-PA™

Biotest© Micro-PA™


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Micro-PA® phosphatidic acid boosts the primary enzyme responsible for muscle hypertrophy. Research shows lifters who train hard and consume proper workout nutrition gain significantly more muscle and strength when taking phosphatidic acid (PA) (1, 2, 3). Micro-PA® softgels provide 1 gram of bioactive phosphatidic acid per dose.*

When lifting weights, primarily in the eccentric (negative) phase, muscle releases an enzyme called mTOR, the "master regulator" of protein synthesis that leads to muscle hypertrophy. But mTOR is inactive at this point (6, 9). The body then produces phosphatidic acid to activate mTOR (5-10). PA-activated mTOR is responsible for immediate and long-term increases in muscle growth.

Research shows taking supplemental unsaturated phosphatidic acid around the workout activates additional mTOR and produces more significant muscle gains over time (1, 2, 3, 5, 6).

Two important studies were conducted on experienced lifters that show they gained significantly more muscle when taking 750 mg of PA (1, 2). Each study divided test subjects into two groups: one group took PA capsules, the other group took identical-looking placebo capsules filled with inactive ingredients. The PA group and placebo group trained alike and consumed the same peri-workout nutrition (1, 2).


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