Biotest© Power Drive® 231 g


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Enhancing athletic performance often focuses on the body while ignoring the brain. The trouble is, the brain controls everything, including muscle motor-unit recruitment. And if you augment brain chemistry, you can quickly activate more motor units, significantly increasing strength, speed, and power. The Power Drive® formula supplies the critical brain nutrients for ramping up athletic performance and boosting mood and cognition. Many coaches report seeing an immediate 8-12% strength and power increase from one Power Drive® dose. Of course, individual results will vary, but that's been the norm.*


  • Boosts cognition, motivation, and mood*
  • Increases muscle-fiber recruitment and strength*
  • Provides a mental edge during work, school, and competitions*
  • Heightens concentration and focus*
  • Increases training intensity*
  • Sustains higher energy levels*


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