Biotest© Rhodiola 60 capsules


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Most Potent Adaptogen* – 15% Rosavins, 1.5% Salidroside*

Studies show that Rhodiola users can train longer, at higher levels, without overtraining.*

Rhodiola is an excellent supplement for athletes to use during times of increased physical demands to manage fatigue and enhance the body's ability to recover from training. Here are some specific examples of how an athlete would use Rhodiola:

  • When increasing training volume or intensity
  • When attempting to change body composition
  • To combat the effects of overtraining
  • During times of planned overreaching
  • To improve mood and restore positive attitude
  • During the season of an athlete's sport
  • During training camps
  • At the end of training cycles
  • When changing times zones or climates
  • When training at higher altitudes
  • While fighting off illness

Or, in the case of the Vikings, when you're getting set to raid, plunder, or conquer.

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