Biotest© Spike® Hardcore Energy, Strawberry Lemonade case of 12 (16 oz)

Biotest© Spike® Hardcore Energy, Strawberry Lemonade case of 12 (16 oz)


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Spike® Hardcore Energy

  • More than just caffeine. Packed with energizing ingredients.*
  • Works fast*
  • Zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugar*
  • Mind-blowing flavor*

Spike Hardcore Energy is the high-speed energy supplement everyone's been looking for. Delicious and invigorating flavor — yet packed with active ingredients that'll pleasure even the most avid stimulant fan — Spike delivers it all.*

4 Energizing Ingredients

Along with caffeine, Spike Hardcore Energy contains:


Studies suggest beta-alanine increases the amount of work you can perform at high intensities by raising muscle carnosine levels. That means you get a boost in short to medium duration high-intensity muscle performance. Think bodybuilding-style training, CrossFit, and HIIT.*

Beta-alanine has been shown to increase muscle power output, strength, training volume, exercise performance and peak oxygen uptake (aerobic capacity) when used consistently.*


Acetyl-L-tyrosine is a more bioavailable form of the amino acid L-tyrosine, which is used by the brain to make dopamine. Dopamine plays a big role in memory, focus, libido, and sense of well-being. Some of acetyl-L-tyrosine's effects include:*

  • Improved mood*
  • Increased positive outlook*
  • Improved memory and learning capacity*
  • Increased energy*
  • Improved concentration*

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Methylcobalamin is the superior, more biologically active form of vitamin B12. Other forms of B12 must be converted in a two-step process, but methylcobalamin is active immediately upon absorption. Among other benefits, methylcobalamin:*

  • Boosts energy*
  • Supports the nervous system*
  • Helps memory and learning*
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Supports brain and nerve function*

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