Sudzz© BlondeAmbition Luxury Brightening Shampoo


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BlondeAmbition™ is a brightening shampoo that utilizes a true blue pigment that eliminates brassiness & yellowish casts on blonde, gray or silver hair while improving hair inside & out. Free of sulfates & hidden sulfates, it features a luxury shampoo base composed of skincare grade surfactants and ingredients that leaves hair healthier than it found it, with luminous shine. Follow with any SUDZZfx® conditioner.

eliminates brassiness and yellow tones on blonde, gray or silver hair


BlondeAmbition™ pours out of the bottle an intense dark blue. Once the product lathers and is massaged into hair, the lather turns sky blue, giving you a visual cue that it is ready to be rinsed out. It may be used up to 2 times per week on processed hair and up to 3 times per week on gray or silver hair to fight off brassy or yellowish casts.

CAUTION: Do not use on overly processed hair, hair extensions, or if your hair has been colored with a green based haircolor (ask your stylist). It is always wise to do a strand test, as the end result can be unpredictable if you are using home coloring kits, if the hair is overly processed or with the varying pigment bases of color manufacturers.

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