Elgon© 1 Light Drops

Elgon© 1 Light Drops


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    65 ml

    1 Light Drops is the product that shines and protects that can, through its action,
    - Give immediate, long lasting brilliance with no residue
    - Make setting easier
    - Eliminate a frizzy effect
    - Make combing easier
    - Define and moisturise curly hair
    - Reduce the fixing power of the other Affixx shapers and increase the shining power
    Your hair is healthy, spectacularly glossy and smooth


    All hair types.
    – For those who want to nourish their hair, styling it
    – For those seeking a product they can use daily on long hair
    – For those who want to moisturise and make their hair denser improving combability during a cut


    Apply 5-6 pumps to the length of the hair, trying to avoid the roots. Do not exceed the quantity used to avoid weighing down the hair.
    – Apply to damp hair to make hair more combable and prevent split ends
    – Apply to dry hair for a glossy effect


    Transparent solution enriched with active ingredients that moisturise and protect the hair.
    – Sunscreen protects from UV rays
    – Filming agents with different levels of consistency and viscosity to synergistically prevent the formation of split ends.

    All of the Affixx formulations contain Soyactiv® with soya proteins, which gradually release moisture into the hair for the entire duration of the style while its sunscreen protects the haircolor from UV rays.

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