Elgon© 10 MIN

Elgon© 10 MIN


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    60 ml - 1:1

    10 MIN is the permanent professional cream cosmetic haircolor that guarantees total coverage and glossy color in just a few minutes.
    - 31 nuances
    - 70% faster than a standard haircolor treatment
    - Recommended for quickly covering grey in the roots while providing a fast, effective haircolor service


    – For hose who want to obtain the same coverage and shine as they would from a traditional haircolor service in less time
    – It is perfect for covering grey and roots, by making the color uniform for the entire length of the hair (in cases of non-porous hair) and for darkening the color
    – For those who are sensitive to irritants/allergies and itching caused by haircolor products as it reduces the contact time with the product
    – To quicken salon productivity, allowing an increased number of color services to be completed


    Prepare the customer by spreading the barrier cream along the face’s outline before starting the service.
    – Wear disposable gloves
    – Spread the haircolor mixture evenly onto dry, unwashed hair
    – Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water at the end of the processing time
    – Proceed with the 3-step Color-Fix post-coloring process
    o Purify the scalp with the gentle cleanser
    o Wash the hair using the post-coloring shampoo
    o Moisturise the hair using the post-coloring mask


    A cream enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
    – Keratin increases the strength of the hair fibres during the accelerated haircolor process.
    – Very fast penetration of the haircolor; the special polymer specifically aids the color to penetrate into the hair, favouring its adhesion to the hair fibre making it long-lasting.
    – Low ammonia content that reduces the sensitivity of the hair during the haircolor application

    Paraben Free Formula

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