Elgon© 40 Elastic Paste

Elgon© 40 Elastic Paste


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    100 ml

    40 Elastic Paste is the elastic wax with the fibrous texture and wet-look gloss finish that can, through its action,
    - Shapes the hair
    - Protects the hair giving it soft, long lasting medium hold and excellent elasticity
    Dries easily with no residue.


    For those who want to nourish their hair, styling it. For all hair types, whether short or long. For those seeking a medium hold, glossy wet look with no residue. For those who do not want an effect that is too stiff


    – On damp or dry hair as a finish:
    – Rub a small dab of wax between your hands
    – Spread the softened wax evenly on your hair
    – On dry hair
    – Style your hair with a wet effect with medium hold
    – On wet hair
    – Create a brilliantine effect
    You can mix Elastic Paste with Light Drops to get a wax with a softer hold. After using the wax, it is best to not use heat for styling.


    Glossy cream enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
    – Sunscreen protects from UV rays
    – Mix of lipids with moulding agents that act quickly without weighing down the hair
    – Synergy of cationic derivatives gives the wax shine and conditioning power .

    All of the Affixx formulations contain Soyactiv® with soya proteins, which gradually release moisture into the hair for the entire duration of the style while its sunscreen protects the haircolor from UV rays.

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