Elgon© Ammonia Free

Elgon© Ammonia Free


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    25 / 50 / 500 g

    Ammonia Free is a non-volatile bleaching powder, with strong lifting power, mixed with an oxidant it turns into a uniform soft cream that can, through its action,
    - Be suitable for any bleaching method
    - Bleach up to 6 shades


    Any lifting method, even following other technical services
    – For those who are intolerant to ammonia


    Prepare the customer by spreading the barrier cream along the face’s outline before starting the service. Put on disposable gloves, and then
    – Mix the bleach with Oxi-Cream using only the amounts indicated in the table on the package
    – Apply carefully to dry hair, avoiding any contact with the scalp
    – Maximum processing time 40 minutes
    – Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water at the end of the processing time
    – Proceed with the 3-step Color-Fix post-coloring process
    o Purify the scalp with the gentle cleanser
    o Wash the hair using the post-coloring shampoo
    o Moisturise the hair using the post-coloring mask


    The powder is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair, specifically,
    – The conditioning ingredient adds emollient rich substances to the hair fibres, giving it body and conditioning.

    Ammonia Free is also a part of Decolor, the line for bleaching and obtaining any shade from blonde to platinum while fully respecting the hair fibre.

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