Elgon© Anti-Red Shampoo

Elgon© Anti-Red Shampoo


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    Anti-Red Shampoo is the anti-red shampoo for warm brown hair. Formulated with green pigments, which, through their action, this shampoo can:
    • Neutralise any unwanted red tones in natural or dyed brown hair.


    those who want to eliminate red tones from natural or dyed brown hair.


    Apply to wet hair.

    • Distribute the product uniformly into the hair;
    • Massage gently;
    • Allow it to work for a time (from 3 to 15 minutes) depending on the intensity of the treatment desired;
    • Rinse thoroughly.

    Repeat as needed.


    Enriched with active ingredients, which together work to favour the hair:

    • Green pigments neutralise any red tones.
    • Green tea has antioxidant properties that aid in maintaining the haircolor.
    • Sodium PCA performs a moisturising and conditioning action by working on the hair proteins.

    Anti-Red Shampoo is also a part of the ColorCare line, which helps hairstylists keep haircolor alive. Designed for professionals, Colorcare includes products to be used before, during and after color and bleaching services, protecting hair and scalp.

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