Elgon© DD Dry Oil

Elgon© DD Dry Oil


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    Sublimia DD Dry Oil is a fragrant, dry oil that nourishes and moisturises the hair.

    Its action can provide 10 benefits in just one product:
    - Multi-use for body and hair
    - Fast absorbing and perfect for every season
    - With natural oils, 100% active ingredients
    - Pure formula is paraben, silicon, mineral oil, preservative, water and alcohol free
    - Contrasts ageing
    - Untangles hair without weighing it down
    - Protects the hair from UV rays
    - Nourishes
    - Makes hair glossy
    - Anti-frizz effect


    All hair types and for daily routine body moisturising


    Sublimia DD Dry Oil may be used on wet hair and on the body.
    Follow the ritual massage for the body:
    Step 1: spray the oil directly on the neck and hands
    Step 2: massage in using medium to light pressure starting from the end of the neck using movements from the top to bottom.
    Step 3: using the thumbs and index fingers, lightly pinch the shoulders from the outside inwards
    Step 4: starting from the shoulders, slide the index, middle, ring and little fingers along the nape of the neck to the hairline.
    Step 5: with the palm of the hand, massage with gentle pressure from the spine to the hairline at the nape of the neck.


    Formula with 100% active ingredients and no water or alcohol, 10 benefits in just one product.

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