Elgon© Lightening Gel Treatment

Elgon© Lightening Gel Treatment


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    Lightening Gel is the gel that can, through its action
    - Gradually lighten the hair with a natural effect
    - Give total flexibility to the user by permitting the intensity of the lightening to be controlled, application after application.


    Uncolored hair, with a natural level to start with going from light brown to shades of blond.


    Do not use too much of the product at one time. Apply just enough to slightly dampen the hair.
    – Wear gloves and apply the gel to dry hair (or to make application easier, use a comb)
    – Do not rinse
    – Activate the product in the sunlight or using the heat of a hair dryer for just a few minutes
    – Wait at least 3 to 4 days between applications Your hair will become lighter with each application.
    The results of the lightening will depend on your hair type and the shade you start with.


    Gel enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
    – Chamomile Extract, which contains coloring substances with light blond shading, which are laid over the natural color of the hair, aiding the gradual lightening process. It also has refreshing emollient properties
    – Rose Hip Oil, extracted from the seeds in the fruit of a wild rose Source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Beta-carotene.

    Lightening Gel is also a part of Solarea, the lightening and illuminating haircare line created to guarantee radiant hair, full of the summer all year long.

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