Elgon© Man Hair Corrector Hair Color

Elgon© Man Hair Corrector Hair Color


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    150 ml

    Hair Corrector is a direct haircolor, that can, through its action
    - Act fast
    - Correct the color
    - Ensure an extremely natural result.
    Available in 3 nuances: ebony – light ebony - silver.


    For those who want to perfect their look using an “invisible” product that has an extremely natural action.


    Wash the hair with a gentle shampoo and then eliminate the excess water.
    – Apply the product with a comb
    – Allow it to work for from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the shade desired
    – Emulsify and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
    The product may be easily cleaned from the hands using normal soap and water.


    Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
    – Caoforce Complex®, the active plant compound developed through the combination of 5 plant essences: cacao, ginger, cardamom, white pepper and guarana, with an energizing and strengthening effect
    – Conditioner that moisturises, softens and make hair brilliant, naturally

    Hair Corrector is also a part of MAN, the specific Elgon division for men with high performance plant extracts. Paraben free with Caoforce Complex®, MAN meets today's men's cosmetic haircare needs that require rapidity and safety.

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