Elgon© I|Light

Elgon© I|Light


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    100 ml

    I|Light is the pure, direct, high intensity haircolor that gives intense tones and permits the creation of new plays on light that revive natural or dyed hair.
    - 15 nuances plus a neutral base
    - To tone, repigment and intensify


    – For those who want intense glossy tones that are progressively eliminated with each shampoo (in 3-15 washes) with no roots
    – Renew tones in already colored or streaked hair
    – For those who want to mask their grey (only certain nuances: 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8)
    – For those who want intense but temporary haircolor


    Before starting the service put on the disposable gloves, then spread the haircolor mix on hair that has been washed and patted dry.
    – Apply to all the hair or only to the part that is to be colored
    – Do not massage and do not make it foam
    – Allow it to work for from 3 to 15 minutes depending on the intensity desired
    – Massage and rinse thoroughly

    If necessary do 2 of the Color-Fix post-coloring process 3 steps.
    o Purify the scalp with the gentle cleanser
    o Moisturise the hair using the post-coloring mask

    To create different haircolor shades the I|Light nuances may be mixed with the neutral N Shineneutral base.


    It is a fluid enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair, specifically,
    – Base formulation composed of filmogenic surfactants with high betaine content that enables the pure colors to penetrate effectively into the hair shaft, lengthening how long the shade lasts. It also has a conditioning and antistatic effect, making the hair glossy and full bodied.

    Paraben Free Formula

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