Elgon© New System Self-Adjusting Permanent

Elgon© New System Self-Adjusting Permanent


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    1000 ml

    New System is a protein enriched professional self-adjusting permanent for all hair types that can, through its action,
    - Work in non-aggressive manner even on dyed hair
    - Create a natural curly effect


    For those who want curly hair, whether natural or treated.


    Apply the treatment to damp washed hair patted dry.
    -Wear suitable gloves. Wrap the hair in rollers and saturate with Aenergy;
    – Allow it to work for from 8 to 15 minutes depending on the hair type If a heat source is used, halve the processing time
    – Check on the results obtained every 5 minutes Once the wave desired has been achieved, rinse the hair for several minutes with lukewarm water
    – Gently pat each roller dry with a towel to remove excess water.
    – Apply Neutral System abundantly on each roller impregnating it using a sponge and collect the excess neutraliser
    – Allow it to work for 5 minutes Remove the rollers and Apply the neutraliser again onto the loosened hair, massaging it in for another 5 minutes
    – Rinse abundantly with lukewarm water. Apply a conditioner to the entire length of the hair, allow it to work for a few minutes and then rinse.


    It is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair, specifically,
    – Collagen proteins, which give body, condition and improve gloss

    New System is also a part of the Elgon Texturization area, technology designed to develop volume and wave treatment, permanent and ironing services in the salon. They give fullness and volume exalting the hair's texture.

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