Elgon© Tango Strong Straightening Cream

Elgon© Tango Strong Straightening Cream


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120 + 120 ml

Tango Strong is a fast acting professional straightening cream for coarse, frizzy or Afro hair. It is a traditional straightener that can, through its action
- Guarantee straight hair for up to 12 weeks
- Act quickly without damaging the hair


Coarse, curly, frizzy or Afro hair.


Prepare the hair by shampooing and drying to about 80%.
– Apply Straightening Cream following the package instructions
– Follow the processing times and at the end rinse thoroughly
– Pat dry the excess water and apply the Specific Straightening Cream Fixer evenly to the hair
– Allow it to work for 5 minutes
– Rinse abundantly and apply a conditioner mask as needed


White cream that contains ammonia and thioglycolic acid salts and enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair, specifically
– Coconut oil, with emollient properties, nourishes the hair leaving it soft and silky.

Tango Strong is also a part of the Elgon Texturization area, technology designed to develop volume and wave treatment, permanent and ironing services in the salon. They give fullness and volume exalting the hair's texture.

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