Elgon© Volume System Kit Treatment

Elgon© Volume System Kit Treatment


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100 + 100 + 15 ml

Volume System Kit is a professional volumizing treatment, also suitable for the most delicate hair, that can, through its action,
- Guarantee volume and texture for up to 10 weeks
- Give volume and texture without damaging the hair's keratin structure
- Gently regenerates the disulphide bridges in the hair fibres


For hair needing volume, also suitable for the most delicate hair.


Apply the treatment to damp washed hair patted dry.
– Wrap the rollers and saturate the hair with volume booster;
– Follow the package instructions for processing times and rinse without removing the rollers
– Apply Bond Blocker directly
– Allow it to work for 5 minutes before winding the rollers
– Massage and rinse thoroughly
– End by applying the after-permanent moisturiser, allow it to work for 2-3 minutes and rinse
– Dry as usual


Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
– Gentle fruit acids: restores the perfect level of moisture, improving the hair fibres elasticity
– Honey with conditioning action

Volume System Kit is also a part of the Elgon Texturization area, technology designed to develop volume and wave treatment, permanent and ironing services in the salon. They give fullness and volume exalting the hair's texture.

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