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    Super Vitamin C for Maximum Absorption & Immune Support 100 Vegetarian Tablets

    GREAT FOR IMMUNE SUPPORT: Boost your body’s defenses with the help of this natural daily supplement. Rosehips, bioflavonoids, rutin and acerola combine for a potent dose of Vitamin C that you can take daily for great results. Fast-absorbing, time-released formula works quickly to be taken into your body’s systems for best effect. You’ll love the results, and appreciate your good health in times where cold and flu run rampant.

    FAST-ABSORBING VITAMIN C: Sometimes, vitamins are left unabsorbed or destroyed during the digestive process, leaving vital nutrients to pass through our system. This fast-absorbing vitamin C multivitamin increases that chance of absorption with the power of time-release technology. This helps to ensure that your body gets the full dose of vitamins that it needs to operate at its peak while preventing stomach upset or other symptoms that may occur in other supplements.

    WHAT’S INSIDE: Inside you’ll find a powerful blend of natural herbs that contribute to the vitamin C found in this product. Natural rosehips and bioflavonoids work together to provide a high dose of natural Vitamin C that can be easily digested by the body. This formula may help to improve cell growth in the body, perfect for fighting illnesses of all types.

    HOW TO USE: Take one tablet daily with food.

    INGREDIENTS: Rose hips, bioflavonoids, rutin, acerola, cellulose, natural gums, vegetable stearate, silica, and natural protein glaze


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