hair evolution© Hair Polish Toner

hair evolution©

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Hairevolution Hair Polish Toner neutralizes the unwanted yellowish tones on white hair and blondes. It is enfused with HE Synergy Botanical Blend, containing Hydrolized Silk Protein it adds a fantastic shine that restores and renews dry hair.  It seals in moisture by closing cuticles of the hair eliminating frizz and split ends. Hair Polish Toner is great for all types of hair especially white and blonde hair.  Its main purpose is to neutralize unwanted tones as well as to add amazing shine on hair.  It is recommend to alternate with the clear Hair Polish once desired hair tone is achieved from using Hair Polish Toner. Apply on towel dry hair and style as desired or dry hair for additional shine or final touch.

Benefits: Incredible Shine, Silky Feel, Lightweight, Eliminates Frizz, Humidity Retention, No Build Up

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