hair evolution© Spray Shine

hair evolution© Spray Shine

hair evolution©

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Hairevolution's Spray Shine contains essential moisturizing oils and botanicals which leaves the hair instantly shiny.  It is fast drying and does not weigh down hair.  Spray Shine contains Silk Amino Acids  Amino Acids, which penetrate the hair to strengthen, rebuild and nourish chemically damaged hair without weigh it down or causing buildup.  Sulk Amino Acids also help seal your hairs cuticles creating silky smooth shiny hair while locking in moisture.  Spray Shine is enriched with HE Synergy Botanical Blend containing hair healthy extracts such as Rosemary, Jojoba Esters, and Argan Oil, this combination gives hair instant shine and nourishment.

Benefits : Radiant Shine and Lightweight

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