Salerm© HD Colors Reset 33.8oz

Salerm© HD Colors Reset 33.8oz


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HD Colors Reset is a color removal product for HD Colors and any other direct hair color. Its formula neutralizes the HD Colors pigment’s magnetic effect, drawing them out and eliminating color without damaging hair.

Restores the hair to its pre-treatment color. Free from oxidants and reducers.

Restores the hair's original color

Free from oxidants and reducers

Apply HD Colors Reset to clean dry hair. Apply to the areas where you want to remove color and massage in gently, then use a wide-toothed comb to ensure even distribution. Leave to work for up to 20 minutes before washing. Moderate heat can be applied during exposure to accelerate the process.

Can be repeated up to 3 times without rinsing, removing the cream saturated with the color pigments with a comb and applying afresh.

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