JAS© Bleaching Cream 8.8oz

JAS© Bleaching Cream 8.8oz


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This bleaching cream is a very high quality product that allows working with confidence with any discoloration process; it guarantees of the hair strand and a uniform finish.

Necessary accompanying: Jas Oxidant Cream (peroxide).

MORE INFORMATION: it has the particularity of being thirty percent (30%) less aggressive than powder bleach, that’s why the quality of the hair strand after its application is extraordinary. Due to its natural oil and wheat protein content, this product protects from the root to the tips in a wonderful way, making it show more health and strength; its technical mix is of one (1) ounce of bleaching cream per two (2) ounces of oxidant cream.

It lightens to seven tones, depending on the volume of the bleaching cream with which it is mixed.

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