JAS© Retain Maintenance Kit

JAS© Retain Maintenance Kit


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These three (3) products conform the ideal and necessary Maintenance Kit after the keratin procedure.

This is an ideal and necessary shampoo to retain and extend the effect of the Keratin; it treats the hair strand delicately and gives it luster, silkiness, and health.

Its high content of hydrolyzed proteins, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, contribute in an important way to the hair strand’s health, strengthening and firmness.

It is the product that provides extreme protection, condition, and softness.

It’s composed of natural mineral oil, Proteins, and Vitamins that reinforce the maintenance kit action, helping the hair strand restoration.

It provides an incomparable softening action, giving body and looseness to the hair, allowing its easy handling.

It is an ideal product for dry and fragile hair that repairs the tips, protects, restores and softens the hair strand.

Its rich content of Keratin, mineral oil and proteins help control the fluffed hair.

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