Joewell© Joewell FZ 70

Joewell© Joewell FZ 70


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Blade: Convex
Handle: Semi-Offset
Tension: Tension Screw
Finish: Liquid Silver
Size: 7.0"
Material: Supreme Stainless Alloy

Providing the longest 7" size blade length in the Joewell range, the FZ has on ergonomic semi offset handle, and permanent finger rest, that combine to give ultimate comfort and perfect balance in a larger scissor. Contains less than 0.6% nickel to help prevent metal allergies.

The FZ's short, semi-offset handles feature a fixed finger rest and make for a comfortable hand position. They also mean that your hand doesn't need to open so far to get the blades to open wide. The blades themselves are convex for ultra sharpness and clam-shaped to give power to each cut.

They're connected by an adjustable tension screw that's set flush with the blade to prevent hair catching in it.


 Joewell FZ 7.0"

  • Size: 7.0” Blade: 84mm Weight: 63.0g
  • Size of Finger Hole: Small-Medium
  • Convex Shape Blade
  • Supreme Stainless Alloy
  • Thin Adjustable Screw
  • Permanent Finger Rest



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