Joewell© Thinners Joewell SNT-40 Texturizer

Joewell© Thinners Joewell SNT-40 Texturizer


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Because of a tiny groove on the tip of each tooth, only one hair can be cut each time and there is no damage if you cut at the root of hair. 
You can reduce the volume from the root of hair and control the volume of hair by times of cutting hair.

SNT-40 Texturizer (40 Teeth)

Supreme SNT40
40-tooth, Cut ratio: less than 5%
Size: 5.9” Blade: 60mm Weight: 52.0g
Size of Finger Hole: Regular (L)
Supreme Stainless Alloy
Dry Bearing Screw System 
Removable Finger Rest    

Dry Bearing Screw System - 
Applied for smooth openingand
closing action. The solid lubricated 
pivot point contactand the dry 
bearing are made of resin.


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