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Johnny B© Director Hair Straightener


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DIRECTOR is a two part hair straightening system that offers professionals the ability to give their clients straight hair for 60-90 days at a time. Our formula is thio-based which tends to be easier and safer than using relaxers. The product is intended for Professional use only and it takes about 30 minutes to apply and rinse off.


  • Formaldehyde-free formula
  • Poses no health risks to stylist and their clients
  • Thio-based relaxer
  • Milder than conventional caustic relaxers, less damaging, leaves hair with excellent shine and manageability
  • Vegetable Coconut Oil Cream
  • Superior, condition, resilience/shine, less damage after repeated application, protects hair integrity, less tadage
  • Nourishing, lubricating and shine enhancing, these substances restore lipid balance and ensure gentle treatment with exceptional results.
  • Thick cream
  • Easy two-step process, where the first product breaks the hair bonds, and second product rebuilds the bonds
  • This is best for hair that has soft curls or a soft wave.


  • Part A - Tube: Hair Straightener
  • Part B - Bottle: Hair Straightener Neutralizer

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