Johnny B© Control Styling Gel


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A styling gel that provides long-lasting super hold without any flaking.  This hydrating gel is great for all hair types and even gives volume to fine hair.  Easy to wash out and is never sticky, greasy, or oily.  Johnny B. Control Styling Gel is a versatile grooming product perfect for everyday use or any special occasion. Stylist tip: Can also be used as a cutting agent!


  • No Flaking
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Cutting Lotion

Johnny B. Control is lightweight, yet packs an impressive hold.

How to use:
Styling: Rub between hands, apply evenly to wet or dry hair, and style as desired.  For best results, blow-dry hair.
Cutting: Apply a small amount to wet hair evenly. Cut as desired. When finished, blow-dry hair for best results.

Hold 8/10

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