Johnny B© Grow+ Shampoo Anti Hair Loss


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Johnny B. GROW+ Shampoo is an amped up version of our popular GROW Shampoo. Contains plant based extracts such as gingko biloba and grape seed extract that deeply cleanse the scalp. Reformulated with a new active ingredient Sphingony®, which prevents hair loss by rebalancing the life cycle of the hair, strengthening the hair follicle, and improving scalp health. You should see results in 21 days! This shampoo is recommended for all men looking to keep hair optimally healthy and strong.


  • Sphingony is clinically proven to prevent hair loss by rebalancing the life cycle of the hair
  • Helps prevent hair loss
  • Improves scalp health & hair quality

The variety of nutrients in Johnny B. Grow+ Shampoo supplements healthy hair, even if you are not losing any!

How to use:

Massage a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into wet hair and scalp. Massage well for 3 minutes to ensure maximum cuticle penetration. Rinse well and repeat. This product may not lather as much as your current shampoo, but you will see plenty of lather on the second wash. Daily use is recommended for those with hereditary hair loss. 

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