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This fast-drying, moldable gum is suitable for all hair types and is perfect for creating texture. Just some of its uses include:

  • Giving more definition to curly hair
  • Creating new styles, such as a combed through or spiky look, with shorter hair
  • Adding volume to lifeless locks

      For times when you want to maintain a style all day, or when you'll be moving around but want to keep your hair looking fabulous, Fiber Gum is ideal to use.

      • Helps detangle hair and makes it easier to comb
      • Is extremely pliable and useful for even the toughest hair types
      • Offers long-lasting hold that makes it perfect for all-day or special events
      • Has a matte finish that isn't greasy
      • Can be used throughout the day to redefine a look
      • Is easily manipulated and adaptable to help you achieve the exact style you desire

          HOW TO USE

          Luseta Beauty's Fiber Gum is so much fun to use because you can achieve any hairstyle you desire in few simple steps. Take about a quarter-size amount of the fiber gum and rub it into the palms of your hands so it's distributed evenly. Apply to damp or dry hair and style strands as desired. Apply more fiber gum if needed, or use it later in the day to revamp your style.

          Hair never has to be boring with Luseta Beauty Fiber Gum. From something as simple as adding texture, to going bold with an innovative style, Fiber Gum is a top hair care product for a variety of needs.

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