MOD© Clean Pre-Measured Disinfectant Pods


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Disinfectant jar not included

The easiest, most affordable, and safest way to enhance your disinfecting. This pre-measured powdered disinfectant pod, made exclusively for the salon and barber industry, allows you to take the guess work out of assuring your clients the cleanest utensils every time. Mod Clean’s unique design is small, lightweight, and imperishable. The product comes packaged in resealable and recyclable bags for your convenience.

  • Makes 32 quart jars (standard size jar used in barbershops/salons)
  • Dissolves in less than 30 seconds!
  • Equivalent to a 64 oz. jug of concentrated salon disinfectant.
  • Takes up much less storage and is much more convenient.
  • Exact measurement every time - save money!
  • Consistent blue color every time across the entire salon/shop.
  • Recyclable and re-sealable zip top bag fits in any drawer.

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