Nopal Powder

Nopal Powder

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Nopal Powder 450 GR: The soluble fiber Nopal contributes to the smooth functioning of the intestine and assimilates fats, cholesterol, glucose and bile substances.

Q-Energy P.L 500 gr.

Q-energy: It helps to attacks the anemia, serves as energetic complement for the whole family, with vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Slimming Flaxseed PL 450 gr.

Reduces appetite, removes fat, prevents muscle wasting. Contains; Artichoke, Apple, Pysllium, Lecithin, L-Carnitine, Leaf Sen, 100% dietary fiber.

PL Alpiste milk 600 gr.

Stimulates metabolism and accelerates the digestive processes thanks to its high enzyme content.

It has action hypolipemiant : reduces blood cholesterol fats =

It is anti-inflammatory : help with liver and pancreatic functions and is a pancreatic regenerator immense.

Help with diabetes cirrhosis, fluid retention, hypertension

Beneficial to the liver, pancreas and kidneys and therefore has diuretic qualities.

The canary is loaded with enzymes but the most abundant lipase that is responsible for eliminating excess body fat: Helps remove fat from the veins, arteries and fat deposits so who wants to lose weight and lose weight.

Milk of Bird-seed: Helps to eliminate excess of liquids, and prepares arteriosclerosis, in cases of drop, edemas, gastritis and sores of stomach.

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