Salerm© Biokera Grapeology Mask 6.9oz

Salerm© Biokera Grapeology Mask 6.9oz


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Deep conditioning, nourishing and hydrating. Grapeseed oil provides micronutrients and antioxidants and offers protection and repair for the hair fibers, helping to prevent oxidation and hair aging. Leaves hair softer, stronger and full of body.

Natural grape seed oil which contains linoleix acid high in vitamin E, proteins and essential amino acids.
Contains arginine which repairs hair and improves natural shines. Gives hair added strength and elasticity.
With high antioxidant content that protect the hair from external damage.

After washing, apply the mask to length of the hair avoiding the scalp. Comb to distribute evenly then leave for several minutes to work. Rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with styling as usual.
If you are looking for unbeatable volume then try our reverse routine. Use the mask as a pre-shampooing step then wash off with the shampoo to eliminate any excess conditioner give your hair better body. Apply a few drops.

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