Salerm© Biokera Grapeology Shampoo 11oz

Salerm© Biokera Grapeology Shampoo 11oz


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Biokera Grapeology Shampoo

One of a new generation of creamy-textured shampoos which gently and effectively eliminates excess sebum, cosmetic products, fatty acids and environmental contaminants, for flowing and shiny hair and a healthy and clean hair and scalp. As well as its traditional use before mask application the process can be reversed to eliminate excess conditioners from the hair and boost volume.

Natural grape seed oil which contains linoleix acid high in vitamin E, proteins and essential amino acids.
Contains arginine which repairs hair and improves natural shines. Gives hair added strength and elasticity.
With high antioxidant content that protect the hair from external damage.

Wet the hair with warm water and apply the shampoo making sure to spread it evenly all over. Rinse and repeat. Leave for a few minutes to work then rinse off with lukewarm water.

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