Salerm© Biokera Natura Organic Color 7,74 Brown Blond Copper 2.3oz


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Biokera Natura Color is an oxidation hair color formulated with organic vegetable oils that help to protect the hair fiber as well as achieving full gray coverage. Intense, shiny and long-lasting hair colors! Biokera Natura Color was created to form a part of Salerm Cosmetics’ most natural range; a hair color free from parabens, silicones, PPD, resorcinol and containing certified organic vegetable oils.

Biokera Natura Organic Professional Hair Color is free from parabens, silicones, PPD and resorcinol and contains certified organic vegetable oils. A hair color with a natural focus with two main purposes: great hair care and perfect results. 


Salerm (Spain). The company operates in more than 50 years and today Salerm Cosmetics is one of the biggest  Spanish companies in the beauty and hair care. The company is proud of its own research and development laboratory, which enables you to stay and study new cosmetic formulations . Currently, the company operates on five continents and has established more than 30 branches in major cities around the world such as New York, Frankfurt, Moscow, Milan and Mexico City.In Barcelona is located the company's stylists Academy. Salerm Cosmetics brand covers a wide range of products for hair, cosmetic procedures and modeling.


Mix in a ratio of one part color to one part Biokera developer. Apply to the roots and leave to develop for 25 minutes. Apply to lengths and ends an leave for 5 minutes.

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