Salerm© Biokera Scalp Care Conditioning Mask

Salerm© Biokera Scalp Care Conditioning Mask


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Nourishes deep down. Purifies the scalp and restores its natural balance

The second step in the Scalp Care hair care range for combating dandruff and treating sensitive scalps. It boosts the action of the honey and Chia Oil as well as nourishing deep down, conditioning, softening and leaving hair extra shiny.


Among its main active ingredients are Honey from eco-friendly sources, Royal Jelly, Chia Seed Oil and Zinc peptides. These natural ingredients have a notably high quantity of nutrients as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties capable of hydrating and protecting even the most damaged hair, as well as acting as a sebum-regulator, odor inhibitor, astringent, antibacterial and dandruff treatment.


Contains no sulfates or parabens.



After washing, apply the product all along the hair’s length. Comb through. Leave for a few minutes to work. Rinse with lukewarm water and style as usual.

When used to treat dandruff, apply the mask to hair and scalp

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