Salerm© Biokera SOS Remedy Serum Scalp Care 1.5oz

Salerm© Biokera SOS Remedy Serum Scalp Care 1.5oz


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Combats scalp irritation. With analgesic and antiseptic properties. Stimulates cellular renewal. A specific serum for sensitive scalps that combats itching, redness, irritations and any other related afflictions.

Its main aim is to sooth the most reactive skins, and can be used after any technical treatment to prevent and reduce discomfort or itching.

It’s formulated with active components from Royal Jelly and Salix extract, renowned for their nutritive, soothing and relaxing properties, which makes this an authentic rescue remedy where irritation or severe itching are an issue. Also, a powerful remedy for oily hair and dandruff.

Contains no sulfates or parabens

After washing, apply the contents of two pipettes carefully all over the scalp. Massage gently, avoiding vigorous movements. Leave-in. Proceed as usual.


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