Salerm© Biokera Vegan 10.6oz

Salerm© Biokera Vegan 10.6oz


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Introducing Biokera Vegan, the organic hair color and treatment that’s 100% plant based. It only uses the colorants provided naturally by mother earth; pigments and active plant ingredients such as indigo, amla, nilgiri, coffee, senna, aloe vera, hibiscus and shikakai, among others. It contains no chemicals or preservatives. It’s the ideal hair color for biolovers who feel a strong connection to nature and also for anyone who can’t use oxidation color on their hair due to an allergy.

100% vegetable and vegan hair coloring

Biokera Vegan, uses only the mixture of 20 plants that nature has given us since ancient times, such as indigo, rhubarb, hibiscus, eucalyptus, licorice, turmeric, aloe vera, henna or shikakai, among others, to achieve colors that range from Black to blond.

The color treatment provided by Biokera Vegan “adds” to the original hair color in an effective and lasting way.

The end result is a nourished, hydrated hair with greater volume and strength.

The color duration is similar to that of an oxidation dye.

If the hair grows an inch every three to four weeks, we must apply the color as with the oxidation dye, especially if the percentage of gray hair is high.

The result and duration will also depend on the quality and condition of the hair.

For those with a low percentage of gray hair, the duration can be between one to three months, since natural hair only brings highlights.



Biokera Vegan plant pigments bind to the keratin of the hair, surrounding and impregnating it.

In those very pigmented hair, as is the case with dark hair, we will appreciate a reflection of color, especially under sunlight, but we will also get a brighter hair, with more volume, and stronger.

In gray hair, the new color will cover all the hair, as it happens with an oxidation dye, even with 100% gray hair.

In this case, being a color that has no lightening power on dark hair, it will leave a bicolor effect that will make the reflex more evident, and a 
much brighter color contribution will be obtained, depending on the percentage of gray hair .

The increase in brightness, volume and strength will also be seen in this type of hair.

This coloring is ideal for those who cannot color their hair with an oxidation dye due to allergy problems to any of its components.

Although, it does not imply that it cannot cause some type of reaction, since the scalp can react to any of the plants that make up the mixture, so a preliminary sensitivity test is also required in this case.

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