Salerm© Brown Eyeliner Matic Precision 0.02oz

Salerm© Brown Eyeliner Matic Precision 0.02oz


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Intense and pure color

Perfect all day long

Brown Eyeliner Matic Precision glides on evenly with a liquid sensation that adheres in an instant.

Formulated with highly crystalline waxes that offer the perfect balance between creaminess and product structure. The use of cutting-edge volatile polymers offers an extremely creamy, smudge-free application to ensure precise and long-lasting results.


An automatic pencil with shiny black casing and color indicator band. Its glide-on pencil tip offers maximum application precision. A sharpener is found on the detachable base which can be used to shape the tip as necessary.


Rotate the base of Brown Eyeliner Matic  Precision to reveal the tip and apply as desired.

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