Salerm© Citric Balance Shampoo 9oz

Salerm© Citric Balance Shampoo 9oz


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Treatment shampoo for color-treated or chemically processed hair

Stabilizes the pH of the hair and scalp

Citric Balance Shampoo is a shampoo that restores the hair’s natural pH. A formula created according to the Salerm Cosmetics Sequential Hair Care System which restores the hair’s structure after chemical processing, making such treatments last longer and exhibit improved chromatic results.

Suitable for any hair which has been subjected to color, straightening or shaping treatments.

Citric Balance Shampoo maintains the hair’s acidic balance, seals the cuticle, conserving shine and a soft feel.


Apply a small quantity of shampoo. Lather then rinse. Apply a second time and lather gently for 3 minutes. Rinse and proceed as normal.

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