Salerm© Color Up 2oz


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Direct hair color for temporary color changes

Direct hair colors in 8 tones which can be mixed together

Color Up works by coloring the hair shaft and enveloping it in a layer of direct color without the need for any kind of mixing.

Achieves instant pigmentation without altering the hair’s natural color and lasts temporarily depending on the hair’s characteristics and porosity.

Make temporary changes to your look whether your hair is natural or color-treated. Bring out the artist in you by adding streaks, highlights, fade, color block or even mix colors together!


Apply to clean, brushed and totally dry hair.

Shake the tube of Color Up and spread the color on the chosen area, going over the area well to achieve the desired color.

Comb through to cover evenly. Leave to dry then finish with a hair dryer to set the pigments.


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